June, A Countertop Smart Oven, Launches With A $1,495 Price Tag

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What happens when you put a bunch of people who have worked at Apple, GoPro, Path, Google, and so on, in a room and ask them to design an oven?

The answer, apparently, is June: a countertop smart oven that will cost around $1,495 and ship next spring. It’s about the size of a microwave and designed to operate more like a smart device than a typical oven. It sits on your counter and is loaded with all the technology you might expect in a smart home device, from smarter temperature sensors to connectivity with an app on your phone.

Perhaps most notable is its built-in camera that uses deep learning technology to determine what kind of food you are trying to make and then give suggestions based on that. It also comes with a temperature probe that will send alerts to your phone. The typical cooking example Van Horn gave…

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